Our Campaign Has Succeeded! 

On March 1, 2017 the Olympia City Council exercised its option to purchase the 72-acre “Bentridge” parcel–the second half of the LBA Woods. We are thrilled and deeply grateful to Olympia Parks Department, City Staff, and City Council for working behind the scenes for months to secure this property.

The LBA Woods Park Coalition will have successfully accomplished its mission: To initiate the acquisition and creation of a park for the Olympia and regional community on forested lands surrounding LBA Park. This park would provide a wooded trail system, conserve an upland forest ecosystem and habitat, and provide citizens with access to nature.  This park could also provide sites for outdoor recreation facilities, a dog park, community garden and other uses. Our mission includes supporting the development and maintenance of the park after the property is acquired. The Friends of LBA Woods has hosted six work parties and is planning more for Fall 2017.